Sol Survivor

Sol Survivor was a project of The Devhouse Agency for the client 1Kin where survivors scavenge a zombie wasteland to take back the world and build up their home base. Players queue up in a group to raid different structures around the map and gather supplies while completing objectives.

I oversaw the museum location's level design during the game's contract cycle. This included Lighting, Optimization, Level Propout, Motion Capture, Sequencing, and Progression. I optimally applied baked lighting techniques in Unity through the Bakery plugin ensuring all relevant settings were adjusted for our desired result.

All museum showpiece assets are from the Smithsonian Open Access 3D Digitized Collection ( ) under the CC0 license.

Project Manager - Livia Ramirez
AI, Unity Developer - Andrew Sylvester
Unity Developer - Trevor Thacker
Technical Artist - Devyn Cole
Environment Artist - Zackariah Shaikh
Character Artist - Dylan Elkins
UI Artist - Jessica Lin
QA - Sheridan Green

Zombie Sitting Idle Animation motion capture