Colosseum Champions Fortnite Map

Coliseum Champions is a Fortnite map developed by The Devhouse Agency where two teams fight at control points and whoever controls their whole side of the map wins! Each control point grants the player a random balanced weapon for the tower's position (No shotguns in the far back, no snipers in front, etc.) adding tons of variety to each match!

During production, I addressed lighting needs and kitbashing of the tower models to add visual interest and gameplay utility with tower cover areas to crouch behind. I also wrote a Verse script for granting random balanced weapons to each tower and shuffling the weapons every round. I optimally applied realtime lighting techniques to reduce memory overhead. Such as asynchronously loading lights and minimizing lighting overlap and the number of shadows. As well as setting up a global post-processing volume for desired color composition.

You can play this map on Fortnite with the island code 4775-7526-2096

Fortnite Developer - De'aun Johnson
QA - Sheridan Green
QA - Robin Champion