The Marina Digital Twin

This is a digital twin prototype of NEOM's The Line project Module 1: The Hidden Marina for the client Journey. The Devhouse Agency was tasked by Journey to make a photorealistic render of this module.

I worked on Lighting, Reflections, Scene Design, and Post-Processing. I edited project settings and PBR materials in UE5 to achieve realistic transparent reflections and GI. For scene design, I designed structures in the dock area placing all floors, water, grassy areas, trees, lights, windows, and populating the ground with Unreal MetaHumans. Inside the main structure, I placed all windows to make the structure feel like a densely populated area.

Art Lead - Young Wang
Character Designer - Brandon Zeff
Environment Artist, Texture Artist - Dylan Elkins
Environment Artist, Texture Artist - Zackariah Shaikh