KillSwitch Fortnite Map

KillSwitch is a Fortnite map developed by The Devhouse Agency where two teams fight over a grid of color-changing tiles. Upon killing a player, the tile underneath you turns your team's color. The team with the most tiles wins!

During production, I designed the entire playable level around gameplay requirements and added verticality and walled pathways allowing different styles of play for each gun. As well as grind rails and blowing fans to give players a more engaging mobility. I documented potential avenues for environmental storytelling in the map and presented my ideas to the creative lead. After discussing our options, I implemented a “lore pass” adding a layer of story and intrigue to the world. I also constructed team hubs on opposing sides of the arena adding world-building and a casual recreational space to the map.

I also optimally applied realtime lighting techniques to reduce memory overhead. Such as asynchronously loading lights, minimizing lighting overlap, and reducing the number of shadows. As well as setting up global and local post-processing volumes for color composition.

You can play this map on Fortnite with the island code 4990-5633-5989

Fortnite Developer - Cayden Chancey
3D Artist - Dylan Elkins
QA - Sheridan Green
QA - Robin Champion