Aliens: Fireteam Elite Ruptured Cistern DLC

Ruptured Cistern is a Horde mode map designed and developed by The Devhouse Agency in co-development with Cold Iron Studios.

During this project, I oversaw lighting, reflections, VFX, and optimization. This took the form of 2 lighting passes, a VFX pass, and a final optimization pass. I optimally applied realtime lighting techniques to reduce memory overhead. Such as asynchronously loading lights, minimizing lighting overlap, and reducing the number of shadows. I also profiled and logged scene performance for every nightly build with various quality settings and hardware to ensure a smooth user experience and meet FPS goals for each console.

An amazing opportunity and a personal bucket list item to work on the Aliens IP!

Project Manager - Livia Ramirez
Level Designer, Content Designer - Brandon Zeff
Level Designer - Christian Black
Technical Artist - Devyn Cole
QA, Environment Artist - Sheridan Green
Environment Artist - Dylan Elkins
Environment Artist - Zackariah Shaikh