KPMG Summits NextMind Showcase

The NextMind Showcase was a project developed by Journey for the specific use case of showing off new technology at a live event. The tech in question was a Brain Control Interface (BCI) device created by the company NextMind. This tech utilizes EEG, AI, and their NextMind Unity API to determine the user's intent when focusing on specific objects in a Unity scene and interacting with them from sight alone.

I had a critical role in this project as the Lead Developer full-time with a team of 3 devs at half-time and 1 3D artist at half-time. I delegated teammates to tasks and held several art and UI layout meetings to make sure we were hitting our time allotment while also being able to hit our quality bar. I built out a majority of all systems in the project including but not limited to the NextMind calibration setup, all NextMind activation buttons, the "Button Activated" spinning indicator on any successful button press, all UI functionality and layout, and all mountain adjustment mechanics such as mountain rotation, hue shifting, greyscale mountain to color on select, weather particle effects, deer spawning, tree spawning, and lodge spawning. Outside of systems, I also worked on Lighting. Post Processing, and all hands-on BCI device testing. I also went to the live event to ensure the project's success and take care of any loose ends. Thankfully, the project was well made so the live presentation was a success with no faults!

You can check out some of the live event here!

Unity Developer - Fernando Alvarez
Unity Developer - Leandro Vasquez Vega
Unity Developer - Jason Bunn
3D Artist - Young Wang
QA - Sheridan Green