Summer At Catmai: Fishing Purrrfected

Summer At Catmai is an IP project from The Devhouse Agency set for Switch and PC release. Featuring Maki as the main character, Summer At Catmai is a cozy story game set at Lake Catmai where Maki goes to reconnect with her grandfather and uncover his story.

Here I built out a comprehensive lighting system that simulates a progressing time of day with a custom script and skybox shader. It accomplishes this by darkening/lightening the overall sky lighting, skybox color, and foliage colors relative to the Lighting Preset scriptable object where the middle of each gradient represents noon and their fringes represent midnight. In addition to this, I constructed a weather system that attaches rain, snow, or windy particle effects to the player character depending on each condition's percentage chance of occurring. I also added all VFX to the fishing minigame as well as the "Fish Caught Success" sequence shown in the second video. Finally, I implemented a lightweight crab AI that runs away from the player and then returns to its designated spot after the player has left.

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Project Manager - Matt Moore
Character Designer, Unity Developer - Christian Black
AI, Unity Developer - Julian Noel
Unity Developer - Cayden Chancey
Unity Developer - Bill Dang
Unity Developer - Jonathan Lao
Level Designer, 3D Artist, QA - Sheridan Green
Level Designer - Brandon Zeff
UI/UX Designer, 2D Artist - Ian Bailon
Environment Artist - Zackariah Shaikh
Character Artist - Young Wang
QA - Robin Champion

Day / Night cycle! Feel free to scroll through! The cycle is not as apparent to the eye during midday.