Rugged Revenants

Rugged Revenants is a 2D platformer game made by The Devhouse Agency and contracted by 1Kin. This game features a variety of levels, playable characters, and enemies that players can challenge themselves with to earn prizes.

During my time on the project, I was the lead designer and developer for levels 6 to 9. I concepted all of their level designs, boss mechanics, varying enemy mechanics, and wave design as well as expanding the functions of many systems for new and interesting gameplay such as level 6's enemy yetis and level 7's banana surfers. With a development cycle of 2 weeks per level, each level's features include 2 new enemies, 3 new playable characters, 1 environment hazard, 1 arena tilemap, 1 boss featuring 3 unique mechanics, and 5 waves of enemies scaling in difficulty at roughly 10 enemies per wave. I also implemented the character select screen, health bar, and settings window as well as all character animations, new player characters, and power-up mechanics for levels 3 to 9.

In addition to level creation, we created a customizable 2D player character with equipment slots that would all apply visually to the character at runtime. All 13 slots have about 20 possible items per slot giving us over 40 quadrillion possible combinations. All sprites load off of a Firebase database that compares the metadata of a player’s NFT to its list of sprite sheets. Using this optional feature, the game character will always look like your specific NFT from the Dope Cats collection. The characters also gain stats and new abilities with each item giving a unique shuffled ability arsenal to each NFT player.

Note: I don't necessarily agree with the NFT market. Despite that, this application is a pretty cool and unique use case for them.

This game is live online at

Project Manager - Livia Ramirez
Unity Developer - Andrew Sylvester
Unity Developer - Cayden Chancey
Unity Developer - Jonathan Lao
React Developer - Chijioke Okorie
Designer (levels 1-5) - Richard Gung
2D Environment Artist - Lara Coelho
2D Character Artist - Antonio Monge
QA - Sheridan Green

Level 3

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9